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November 25, 2011

Magical Mystery Tour – The Movie

The Beatles produced, wrote, directed and provided the music for the film Magical Mystery Tour, their first project released after the death of manager Brian Epstein. The film, featuring the band along with other actors, portrayed a surrealist journey on a magical bus filmed in various locations throughout England. While the accompanying album became a Beatles classic, the film was very poorly received and critically panned.

October 31, 2011

Fool On The Hill

Paul McCartney traveled to France to shoot a sequence for his song “The Fool On The Hill” on October 30th & October 31st, 1967. The video, which featured McCartney miming to the song while traveling through the hills around Nice, was included as part of The Beatles’ film Magical Mystery Tour.

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July 29, 2011

Blue Jay Way

The Beatles released George Harrison’s “Blue Jay Way” on the film Magical Mystery Tour and its accompanying album in 1967. Harrison wrote the song while living in a rented house on the street of the same name while waiting for Beatles’ publicist Derek Taylor and other friends to arrive after getting lost in a dense fog.

July 28, 2011

Baby, You’re a Rich Man

The Beatles wrote and recorded “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” for the animated film Yellow Submarine and released the track as the B-side of the hit single “All You Need Is Love.” The song was actually written in two pieces – the ‘one of the beautiful people’ section written by John Lennon and the ‘baby you’re a rich man’ section written by Paul McCartney. The song was also included on the American LP version of the Magical Mystery Tour album.