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September 10, 2011

The Beatles Again

Apple Records released a compilation of The Beatles’ non-album singles and b-sides in 1970 entitled Hey Jude. The album was originally to be titled The Beatles Again, but was changed at the last minute to promote the “Hey Jude” single. The name change was completed after the labels were printed, so the original pressings still contain this name.

February 6, 2011


John Lennon wrote “Revolution” in 1968 in response to current political and world events. The song was originally recorded in a slower tempo – this version being released on The White Album as “Revolution 1.” The band re-recorded the track into a faster, more hard rock version, which was eventually released as the b-side of the single “Hey Jude.”

November 11, 2010

Hey Jules

The Beatles’ smash hit single “Hey Jude” was written by Paul McCartney in 1968. McCartney wrote the song on a trip to visit his young friend, John Lennon’s son Julian, after the boy’s parents had recently divorced. Originally the lyric was “Hey Jules,” however, McCartney changed it to “Jude” as he felt it sounded better.